Are you seeking to experience a richer and more meaningful life, do you long for deeper relationship connections, are there areas of your life that are impacting your ability to prosper and live wholeheartedly?

Together we can assess the areas of your life that are impacting your personal growth and relationships and choose the best approach to meet your needs.

We offer individual, couple, and group options through coaching, consultation, counseling, tools, and resources to help navigate through crisis, hopes, dreams, recovery and healing.

We look forward to hearing from you and beginning the healing journey together.

To schedule an appointment:

Cassie Kingan call 513-607-3821 or email at cnkingan@gmail.com

Toni Christensen call 513-668-0917

We offer Telephone & Video sessions at flexible and convenient hours for coaching, consultation, busy professionals and chronic illness clients.

To complete paperwork and pay by credit card for Cassie Kingan please visit http://www.posarc.com/posarc-store.



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